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Percentage calculator

A percentage calculator is a tool used to calculate a percentage of a given number. This percentage calculator online is useful for students in math classes, such as Algebra and Trigonometry, and also for those who simply want to know the answer to "how much is a certain percentage of something".

What is the percentage?

A percentage is a number or ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. It is often denoted using the percent sign, as in 45% (read as "forty-five percent"). In mathematics, it is defined as the difference between a number and 100 divided by the number . In most contexts, a percentage is a number between 0 (zero) and 100.

Usually denoted by ``%'' or sometimes just ``percentage'', but also ``percentage''. For example, when calculating percentages, 35% would be equivalent to 0.35 decimal, and as a fraction would be represented as 35/100. The percentage

If 25% of 100 is 25, then 25% of 200 should be 2 times 100, or 2 x 25, which is 50. Now that we have a basic understanding of what happens when calculating percentages, we may come across a formula. Note that in the last example we start with a real number greater than 1, and by shifting two decimal places, we calculate a formula greater than A percent value of 100. Again, we can use the standard formula to find the percent value (W) = base value. (G) x percentage (P) / 100%.

Percentage Formula

What is X percent of Y ?

  • Ans = (X/100) *Y

X is what percent of Y ?

  • Ans = (X/Y) *100

What is the percentage increase/decrease ?

  • Ans = (Y - X)/X * 100

How to calculate percentage?

What is 30% percent of 240 ?

  • Solution:- 30% of 240 = 30% X 240 = (30/100) x 240 = 72

What is 22% percent of 480 ?

  • Solution:- 22% of 480 = 22% X 480 = (22/100) x 480 = 105.6