Percent Error Calculator

Free online Percent error calculator – Enter True value and Observed value then click calculate button, then you get percent error value.

Percent error = |TV - OV| / TV * 100

Percent Error

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What is a percent error?

The percent error measure is important because it shows how close the measured or actual value is to the theoretical value expected in the experiment.

The percent error of a measurement is how far from the actual value (true value) the measured value is. In other words, it is the ratio of the difference between the measured value and the true value to the true value. The percent error is a relative measurement . It is a fraction, the numerator of which is the difference between the measured value and the true value and the denominator of which is the true value. The percent error is represented by the symbol E.

Different measurements cannot change their inherent measurement error. These measurement errors can be caused by serious causes such as instrument failure or human error. Sometimes a measurement may be too difficult to perform and you may consider an error of 10% or more to be acceptable. When conducting experiments, there is always the possibility of getting a value lower or higher than the real value due to experimental or human errors.

What is the formula of percent error

  • Percent error formula = |TV – OV| / TV * 100
  • TV = true value(Actual value)
  • OV = Observed value(Measured value)

See some examples of percent error in the table

True valueObserved valuePercent error
30 kg31.5 kg5 %
250 meter248.26 meter0.696 %
32 F33.26 F3.937 %

How to calculate percent error?

Example:-if True value = 280 and Observed value = 282.5 then find percent error?

  • TV = 280
  • OV = 282.5
  • Percent error = |TV – OV| / TV * 100
  • Percent error = |280 – 282.5| / 280 * 100 = 2.5/280 * 100 = 0.893%
  • percent error is 0.893%

How to use percent error calculator

You can quickly and easily calculate the percent error between the measured true value and the observed value using the Percent Error Calculator. To use this percent error calculator, simply enter the observed value for a given measurement or observation, followed by the known true value. This percent error calculator will then output a percent error, positive or negative, depending on the direction of the observed deviation from the actual value. When calculated, as shown above, the percent error is positive when the observed value is greater than the true value and negative otherwise, so the sign of the error helps to understand the direction of the error.

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