Percentage Decrease Calculator

Free online percentage decrease calculator – Enter the initial value and final value then click calculate button, then you get the percentage decrease value.

% Decrease = [Final - Initial] / Initial * 100

Percent Decrease

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What is the percentage decrease calculator

A percentage decrease calculator is used to calculate the decrease in values. The decrease in values is calculated by subtracting the initial value from the final value and then dividing the difference by the initial value. The percentage decrease calculator is useful in determining the value of the decrease in percentage. The percentage decrease calculator can be used to calculate the decrease in physical measurements, such as length, weight, and volume. etc

Example of the percentage decrease in a real scenario.

If the price of a suit dropped from $20 to $10 due to Black Friday sales, let’s say the actual price reduction is 50% in percentage terms. This also applies to a decrease in p% and therefore an increase of the same percentage. Example The price of a product that costs $50 is increased by 10% Vf = 50a (1 + 10/100) = 50a (1 + 0.1) = 50 * a1.1 = 55. After the increase, the price of the product is now $55. Contrary to popular belief, if the initial value is increased by p% and then decreased by the same percentage, the result is not the initial value

Percentage decrease formula

  • Percentage decrease = [Y – X]/X * 100
  • Percentage decrease = [Final value – Initial value]/Initial value * 100
  • Y = Final value
  • X = Initial value

How to calculate the percentage decrease?

Example:- An apple price is $300 per kilogram in the winter season and $200 per kilogram in the summer season then calculate what price percentage decrease.

  • Initial price of an apple = $300
  • Final price of an apple = $200
  • Percentage decrease of price = (final price of an apple – initial price of an apple) / initial price * 100
  • P = (200 – 300) / 300 * 100
  • P = ( -100 ) / 300 * 100
  • Percentage decrease of an apple price = -33.33333%

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